Whether or not you’ve jumped on the bandwagon of internet marketers who are taking their services “Offline” to local businesses, here are a few ways that you can make easy money from offline businesses without doing anything too difficult or technical. If you already have a business model for your offline consulting business… Then you can add these as potential “up sells” or you can add them to your existing package and raise your current fees accordingly.

Easy Way #1 – Article Marketing For Offline Businesses

Many offline businesses have no clue what article marketing is… And others just don’t have the time or skills to write keyword optimized articles to promote their business. If you are halfway decent at writing articles, you can make great money by offering this service to local, offline businesses. While online, you might only be able to get $5-$12 per article — You can charge up to $25+ Per article to offline business owners!

Why? Because it’s worth it to them, trust me. Just because people online are ‘spoiled’ and are used to outsourcing to another country for $2 an article… Doesn’t mean that your time, knowledge and skills aren’t worth paying for. These articles will bring their website targeted traffic and potentially increase their search engine rankings by giving them a valuable backlink and maybe even ranking highly on Google themselves!

10 articles a month at $25/article is $250/month from each business that you write 10 articles a month for. If you want to leverage your time and make more money you can also outsource the articles and make a great profit without having to write a single article.

Easy Way #2 – Press Releases

This is similar to the above method of writing articles, only these are Press Releases which tend to be a bit more promotional and businesses don’t need as many of them written as they do articles. However, press releases cost more than articles, so it balances itself out nicely.

You can charge anywhere from $50 – $200 for ONE press release as long as it is a well written, high qulaity press release. You can learn how to write a proper press release for free from many places online and/or you can also outsource them from online freelancers and make yourself a profit.

Easy Way #3 – Simple Keyword Research

Most of you are probably already very familiar with performing keyword research for your own online businesses, websites, blogs, etc. so it will already be second nature to you. If you are not experienced with keyword research, Google provides a free tool for the public to use and it will give you all of the most commonly searched for keyword phrases when you type in a general keyword, such as “auto mechanics” or “weight loss.”

The tool can be found at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and is a wonderful resource if you aren’t aware of it already! Offline businesses are in need of finding out what the most profitable keywords are for their market, so that they can use those keywords in their website and META tags in order to optimize their site for the search engines and for people to be able to find them.

Offline consultants and SEO companies charge upwards of $1,000 for keyword research so the price point is really up to you and how good you are at performing keyword research.

Now you are armed with 3 very easy ways to make money from local, offline businesses without any start up costs and by using knowledge that you most likely already possess. Now go out there and make some money!