Titles are without a doubt an important component when optimizing the SEO performance of a WordPress blogs. Aside from the blog and page titles, you must also invest time in coming up with a compelling blog post title. This one will be more specific since you will be keying in on a specific topic that will be discussed further in the actual post.

In order to craft an effective blog post title, first you need to understand what makes it important. First and foremost, the blog title is the first thing that your target market will see. It is also the first thing that they can see when you post a link to the blog post to social media sites, related blogs, social bookmarking sites, search engine results page, or in the RSS feed. Hence, your post title must be catchy enough to incite the reader’s curiosity and get them to click on the link. You only have one shot to build a good first impression and you need to make the most out of it.

Below are some basic techniques and tips that you can use to create an effective blog post title:

1. Communicate a benefit. In this modern world, people are too busy to care for something unless it is something that will benefit them or do them good. By providing a blog post title that promises a benefit, it will make people reconsider. Also, it will give them insight as to what the blog post content will be.

2. Build controversy or start a debate. This is the surest way to get people to notice and want to read your blog. Indeed, blogs with strong opinion are the ones to generate lots of traffic. However, you need to make sure that the content delivers up to the promise that the title set up.

3. You can ask your readers a question. When people are faced with a question, the have a natural response that compels them to try to search for an answer. Your goal is to provide the answer in the content and will give them more incentive to read or share it.

4. Use a personalized approach in your blog post title. Readers like to feel important. Thus, addressing them personally through the blog title would make them feel more compelled to read your blog. This is an effective technique that you can use to increase blog post reads and traffic to your site when you are writing for a specific niche.

5. Always use keywords. The keywords, although deemed as an important SEO tool, is actually a great way to give readers an insight into the content of the blog. On the other hand, the keyword optimization of the content will enable search engine bots to list your website or your blog post on the search engine results page whenever someone does a relevant search based on the keyword you used for the title.

Writing blog post titles might appear simple but it is actually a tricky task. You will need to have a great deal of understanding what titles are for in order to write more effective titles.