If you are an internet marketer, then you more than likely have seen the trend in fellow marketers going “Offline” promoting their internet marketing services to offline, local businesses. Recently it has been come a HOT topic of discussion and everyone seems to be going “Offline!” The reason why many internet marketers are deciding to get involved with offline consulting is because it pays A LOT better than performing some of the same services for people online.

While as an online freelancer, you might be able to get a few dollars for writing an article and you might also be able to fetch a few hundred dollars for web design services; by taking your skills offline, you can get double, triple or even more from local, offline business owners. After hearing about the benefits of article marketing, business owners are very often willing to pay $25 per article or more.

Web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services can also fetch THOUSANDS of dollars from offline “brick and mortar” businesses! I have landed $15,000 deals with offline businesses to take control of their internet marketing campaign, fix their website up and do some BASIC, on-site optimization (SEO). These are all services that I perform daily on my OWN websites for FREE! Most internet marketers are used to this type of work and many can do it with their eyes closed.

However, if performing these tasks/services are not your strong point — They can always be outsourced to “online freelancers” who generally do the same work for a lot less money (this might be YOU). Then you can up-charge the offline business and make yourself a nice profit without doing much work at all.

Now, hopefully you can see how taking your internet marketing skills OFFLINE can make you a LOT of money this year… And for many years to come.