Users of social networks are raking it in these days in terms of money-making endeavors. How to make money with Twitter is relatively late in coming, but the popularity of Twitter around the world today had made the social network a hot fad, second only to that famous one.

Basically, it is the community that powers any advertising-supported site, publication or TV show. This community (readers, viewers, and listeners) will use the site if it has great service.

There are several ways (and some sites, too) where you can begin to monetize (trying to make money) your Twitter account. Here is a short list.

Direct advertising

If you already have such a large following in your Twitter account, you can probably work on its monetization. Shop around for advertisers who will use your account in disseminating information about their product or services.

Another surefire way is direct recommendation. All you have to do is to recommend a product or a service for your advertisers. You can also work out an arrangement of promoting new products.

Affiliate marketing & links / sales

Affiliate marketing these days can be blended within Twitter. As for the affiliate links, you can always embed your link in your tweets using if you are pushing for a particular product or service.

If you have your own product or services to promote, you can tweet your sales or landing page for your followers. This is better than taking them to another site using your affiliate link.


This is really the same as direct advertising where you suggests certain products or services you do not have the faintest idea of, only this time you are going to do a “paid review”.

Your review could center on particular products, services, or even people. (You can do some review of some artists who needs to sell his works.)


The site earns by having you download their EasyTweets application, a rather powerful application whose capabilities are outstanding. The site allows you to manage multiple accounts quite easily

EasyTweets will do auto-follows for you. It works like if you like movies, you follow anyone who talks about it n the hope that they would follow you too. That would create for you one follower. With EasyTweets doing the auto-follow for you, anybody mentioning movies in their tweets will have your account auto-following them.

Pay per Twitter message

First, there would be a hypothetical username by the name of say, TokyoUsedTrucks, and every person in Tokyo could be a friend and would immediately be notified if there is a sale of used trucks in Tokyo. They might get these from Buy and Sell or Craigslist.

Used trucks dealers would like sending this message out once they have a new inventory of these used trucks. Messages would include URLs of sites, addresses, etc. The poster will be the one who will be charged for this.

In the end, though, it is not wise to completely monetize your Twitter account. The danger is that your followers will drop off because you turn your account commercial. Making money on your Twitter takes prudence and some savvy.