Internet Marketing has been around for many years now. Many people have come to embraced internet marketing as their main career choice, and many people have also jumped ship from working full-time from a cubicle in the middle of town to working flexible hours from their office in the very comfort of their own home.

Why do these people make the shift? Well, the potential to earn (much) more money at your own time, pace and accord is certainly tempting enough. Added to the fact that many people are currently living the life of their dreams thanks to Internet Marketing, it’s no surprise more and more people are trying their hand at it each passing year.

Even though Internet Marketing has been around for very long, but in the ever evolving World Wide Web, internet marketing strategies come and go. Some worked, some didn’t, some outright failed, and some were doomed to fail even before it took off. But of course there are that worked, and continued to work until this very day.

And here are those that stood the test of time:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing has been around as long as the search engine giants themselves. And as the name SEO suggests, it was born because of the search engines.

Many people recognize the benefits of being top dog in the search engine results and therefore when bringing their businesses online or creating an online business, they aim for the top spot, and they realized that to achieve this is to perform SEO. Most searchers don’t bother clicking results which are not on the top 5 and anything below that the chances of sites being clicked are severely diminished.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of SEO is that its methods are often FREE to employ and even small online business owners are more than capable to do it on their own, and all of it on their own even.

With SEO being free and have a chance to be on the top spot in the searches, it’s no wonder many companies are adopting SEO as a staple part of their online strategy to pull in customers or organic traffic to their website.

In addition to optimizing your websites, link building is such an important and integral aspect of SEO that deserves to be pointed out. Link building involves leaving your web link on other web site or pages. For example you can do this through blog commenting, guest posting, social media, and forums. The best practice is to leave your link on web pages which are relevant to yours therefore pulling in more targeted traffic.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

For businesses who have the budget to do so, they will most likely adopt the PPC advertisement strategy. Pay Per Click campaigns allows you to display your ads and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You don’t have to pay when someone merely views your ad. It’s only when someone clicks on it.

The biggest names so far in the PPC advertisement scene have to be Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. But, just like SEO, for PPC to be truly effective you must properly research and utilize the keywords which will bring in the most of your target audience. Poorly executed PPC campaigns will only waste your hard earned money.

And by pulling in targeted audience will you effectively pull in clicks which are genuinely interested in what you are advertising and most probably buy what you are selling on your website, be it a product or service.

Web Banners

Web Banners are usually more flashy and eye-catching compared to most PPC ads because they employ the use of more graphical or animated elements to really catch a web surfer’s attention. It’s easier to capture the attention of web surfers using web banners as picture can speak a thousand words.

Web banners do not have to be part of a specific ad network and you can usually design your very own banners and approach web masters to “rent” their ad space for a certain monthly fee. The question of who you approach and how you approach is totally up to you but each webmaster usually has certain rules that you must adhere to before you can put up your ad on their website. Rules such as the size of your banner or the nature of the advertisement has to suit their website’s tone and theme


As the saying goes, “The money is in the list”. That is the main reason why people build lists or leads through their opt-in form on their websites. To capture their visitor’s e-mail as those who choose to opt-in are usually interested in what the website owner has to say or give or simply to receive future updates on current news and events.

E-mail marketing however is a great way for the list owner to build relationships with his/her current list through newsletters. And a good list owner knows when the time is right to market the right things to them is and therefore he/she can continue to reap in profits time and time again.

This leads us to another saying that goes like this. “The best time to start building a list was yesterday” therefore it is never too early to start building your list as an internet marketer nor is it ever too late either.

To be truly successful in internet marketing is not just using one of these strategies, but in fact employing more than one or even all of them if possible. But before you do that, it is recommended that you truly understand and be knowledgeable in at least one of them and before choosing to adopt another.

Working Internet Marketing strategies are not meant to be seen as a replacement, but should be viewed as individual strategies that complement and supplement each other to achieve even greater success and rake in bigger profits in Internet Marketing.