One of the common mistake that internet marketers make, or anybody for that matter, is to work non-stop. We usually think that working straight for hours is more productive, when in reality taking breaks, will help a person a lot in boosting the productivity of a person.

These breaks does not necessarily mean long vacations, a simple working break during the day can do wonders to you. You are not actually wasting time sitting around and just relaxing. There are several reasons why taking breaks is an effective time management method.


During your break, you will be able to revitalize your body and even your mind. Sitting for long hours in front of the computer, in just one position, is bound to affect your health in the future. Take time to stretch your legs and give your body the much needed rest. A person who works in front of the computer daily, should take a break every hour and move around.

There are studies showing that people who refuse to take breaks have low productivity, low proficiency, and will often make mistakes. Staying in a static position for long periods could affect blood circulation and could result to fatigue and muscular problems.


If you are juggling different projects, then taking a break will help clear your mind and have a clear perspective on what to do. Multitasking could be very difficult. You need time to sit back and identify what things need to be prioritized. Taking working breaks could also help you make important decisions.

There are also some tasks or projects where getting “fresh eyes” will definitely help you. Just stand up from your laptop or computer and walk around. When you get back, you will be able to find the solution to things that you have spent hours on.


Taking breaks will help you relax your mind and body. When you work for long hours, you will often experience headaches, fatigue, and inability to focus or concentrate. It is not impossible for you to be stressed out, especially if you have been focusing on a project for a long time.

Stress can lead to different health problems like high blood pressure, poor immune system and even heart disease. You need some time to take the weight off your shoulders and do things that you always think you have no time for. Taking 15 to 30 minutes in the middle of the day, just to breathe or listen to relaxing music can help you relax.

So how do plan or prepare for a break, especially if you are a homebased internet marketer? The crucial thing is to plan for it. If you are looking for short-term breaks, then you could follow a work schedule for the day. Put some reminders on your computer, set an alarm, just to let you know it is time to take a break.

You could schedule a vacation or if your work schedule will not permit you to take a week off, then try cutting down some hours you spend on internet marketing everyday for the entire week.