Who wouldn’t want to jump online and make a bunch of money almost overnight? It is a beautiful wish sure. But what is the truth about it? You might be surprised to find out some of these misconceptions being told as truth.

Make $100,000 overnight! Ok stop. Let us get real for a minute here. If you have no knowledge, no capital, and no network do you really think you could buy something for $97 or whatever and the next day be a millionaire?
Sure it says guaranteed but it most likely will not happen. Just remember if it sounds outrageous it probably is.

Here is another one, Auto-Pilot Money! Just sit back and watch your money grow. Please, you can not make money by just sitting around doing nothing but wishing to make money. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it and you would have five friends already who do this as well. Just like a real brick and mortar shop a business requires hard work and long hours, especially at first. Take a break whenever you want? Sure but your business is not going to run itself no matter how many auto-pilots you turn on. Later on you may have the luxury of spending less time on your business but if you want to make money, well think long hours and hard work.

Ok, so then nobody makes money but scammers right? Wrong, you do not have to be a scammer to make money. You just have to work hard at keep at it. Though you may not have an overnight success or a million dollars in a week you will begin to make money. You will be working for yourself and unlike a brick and mortar store you do not have to worry about as much overhead or expenses so that means more net profit. Real people have made money online they are all over, they just do not all put out a “make a billion dollars by next week” type product.

You can make money online if you are willing to put the hours in and work hard. It is a business and you need to treat it as such if you plan on making some serious money, or at least enough money to quit your job. Just imagine you friend telling you some of this stuff, if it sounds like BS it probably is, but there is always a grain a truth to his ramblings right?