Once you have finalized on your WordPress blog title, the next step is to find appropriate titles for the various pages under your main blog page. This is one of the best features of WordPress as a blogging platform since you can create various pages for your blog to discuss underlying topics from a larger topic or niche. If you can create a creative yet well optimized page title for your blog, then you have a surefire formula for making money through a blog.

There are three aspects of the page title that you need to consider because Google or other main search engines are going to evaluate them when indexing your individual blog pages. These three factors are: page title, page description, and the URL for the WordPress page. However, the page title always comes first and is therefore important if you want to increase its SEO performance and maximize return potential.

Some people might invest a lot of time in writing a good quality content, but few realize that the title is the first ones that is crawled onto by the search engine spiders. It is therefore important that you have a good title to support your good quality content, which will boost your SEO performance. On the other hand, a good quality content that lacks an appropriate and well optimized title is still not going to rank well.

You can therefore keep the following tips in mind when writing a title for your WordPress blog pages:

  • The page title is used by search engines as a heading when listing your site or blog at the results page. Hence, you need to attract two key factors for boosting your site’s performance: the search engine bots and the people (who will visit the site). If people see a listing of your site and it features a well written and properly optimized page title, then they are more likely to visit that than a blog that isn’t.Keep your WordPress page titles short. Google and most other popular search engines only display around 64 characters on the results page, so use that as a determiner on how long or short the title should be. Also, longer titles tend to lose their impact and brevity, no matter how well written.Use descriptive titles. Try to infuse some creativity when coming up with titles for your WordPress blog pages. Just because it has to be search engine optimized doesn’t mean it should be boring.
  • Don’t forget the keywords! If possible, use the keyword/s at the beginning of the title to produce more impact and to make it easier for the search engine spiders to crawl on to. If you are using more than one keyword, then make sure to keep them close together.
  • Keep your language simple. Some bloggers try to be too creative with their titles that it ends up not making any sense. Try to focus on clarity first then you can jazz it up.
  • Refrain from keyword stuffing. This is the worst mistake you can commit when writing WordPress blog page titles. Limit the amount of keywords you use on the title to two, then leave out the rest on the content. Make it seem as natural as possible.