Ping servies for WordPress is something that every blogger must know about when it comes to setting up a blog that they can monetize. If you think this is useless, then think again. But first, you need to understand what a ping service is and why you need it for your blog’s search engine promotion. After that, you can get a better understanding as to why it is of vital importance.

In order to activate the ping list for your WordPress blog, you need to go to the dashboard for your blog. Under “Settings”, choose “Writing” and you will find an option called “Update Services” at the bottom of the page. This will then carry out to the future posts you will make on your blog wherein WordPress will automatically notify ping services that were included in the box upon the setup process whenever you have finished or published a new post. It will therefore send a message alert in various ping services on the web about this new post, hence your readers and some new readers on the web will be alerted when you have a new post. The default setup on the WordPress blogging platform has at least one entry with automatic ping service.

The advent of ping services joined in the bandwagon of RSS feeds and feed readers, which was mainstream at the time when SEO was just getting started. Over the years, a number of ping services were introduced into the market to provide all sorts of updates for web users, especially if they are trying to make money out of the blog. There are over a hundred of ping services recommended for WordPress bloggers. Since the ability of ping services to bring in additional traffic for blogs and websites, it has become one of the options used by website owners to generate the traffic they need. is one of the leading choices of ping services utilized by WordPress blog owners. It is owned by the WordPress Foundation and therefore explains why these two services are linked together. Choosing to tie up with this ping service will automatically update over 20 other ping services whenever you make an update to your blog posts. Other choices of top ping services to choose from include the following:
• Blogdigger
• Google Blog Search
• SkyGrid
• My Yahoo!
• BlogStreet
• Superfeedr
• Feed Burner
• Collecta
• NewsGator, etc.

The ping services listed above are just some of the most popular options for ping services to use on a WordPress blog. You can therefore get started with these choices if you want to produce additional traffic to your blog, but you are free to experiment with several other new ping services in the industry.

A word of warning: avoid sending the same content on a ping service in a repeated manner. Or else, this will alert the system for ping services that you might be spamming, or that you can get banned from the site. Pinging your posts or content once should be enough, especially if you choose the right ping service for your WordPress blog.