A “squeeze page” (or some people called it “Landing page”, “opt-in page”) exists for one crucial purpose: to turn readers into subscribers. Subscribers – not readers – make up your email list, which exists so you can track your traffic and conversions, and legally send each member emails without it being considered “spam”.

How does a squeeze page get readers to part with their name and email address? It literally “squeezes” the reader until he feels he has no choice but to give up the contact information you’re requesting – because he wants your irresistible bribe or lure that much! He may not even want to subscribe to yet another list – but he will subscribe to yours.

There are things you must and must not do, in order to create this highly desirable outcome:

…research and get to know your target niche down to the smallest detail, starting with:
• General Subject – E.G.: Cooking
• Niche – E.G.: Mexican Cooking
• Sub-Niche – E.G: Corn dishes

…include bullet points to list the main selling points. Remember…
• Bullet
• Points
• Work

…include a call to action.


…put any other link but your sign up box on your squeeze page. (It’s not there to make a sale or divert them to an affiliate product – it’s there solely to convert readers into registered subscribers!)

… make your squeeze pages overly long. Include just enough detail to get the job done and inspire the reader to sign up. Something as small as a one-page sign up box will work better than a six page sales letter.

…forget your only job is to MAKE YOUR READER BEG FOR MORE.

That’s the single most important secret of squeeze page success!

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