Are you looking for search engine optimization tips? Then you have come to the right place. Search engine optimization is so important because it can potentially improve your site and your sales and revenue… but it can be very challenging to get right, particularly if you are trying to do it yourself without hiring a professional.

So I’m going to give you a few search engine optimization tips to steer you in the right direction! There are certain techniques that might give you short term gains – one of which is called ‘cloaking.’ With this technique you will see your site get a really high ranking and then you will watch it crash. This is not what you want to do; you want to learn how to get long term results and consistent gain for your website.

The first search engine optimization tip would be to purchase high page rank links. You can get these from a variety of different places; they are usually sold in the form of paid advertising. There are entire businesses that are built around the purchase of hi PR links – you can visit to see an example of this.

Spend the money on getting the high PR links – it’s really important. Don’t waste your time getting the free ones, it is a waste of time and a waste of your energy. Go for the gold first – then you will set yourself up for success in the future.

It might be challenging to get the high PR sites to link to you if you are just starting out, so if you start by purchasing your high PR links – then you will get that link from the outset because you are paying for it. And trust me, it’s worth the money.

Another search engine optimisation tip that I would like to pass on to you is the different ways you can purchase or attain this high PR links.

There are three main methods that you should know about, the first I already mentioned which is through a PR link brokerage, this is where you will be paying a premium price for your links and you are guaranteed that the link will get placed.

You can also get high PR links from private forums which should have a forum where you can get links for sale and you can usually get some incredible deals on links for on-topic sites. A huge forum which is great for PR link buying is

You can also contact the site owners directly and privately using a piece of software like SEO elite – which will help you search for high PR partners. You can also use Traffic Travis which is another great program that will help you find the PR links and partners that you really need. Another search engine optimisation tip that refers to your PR links refers to the amount of links they will have on your site. Keep it to 20 at the maximum and if you can keep it lower that’s better. A guarantee of only 10 per page is ideal.

I hope these search engine optimisation tips have helped you and you understand that it is better to pay the money and do the research first, getting the high PR links to your website to better your optimization in the future.