If you are seeking ways on how you can earn money online, and you are a wordsmith, then article writing can be the right gig for you. There are numerous people offering their writing services online, writing about different topics, different websites and clients.

Blogs and websites depend on content to make their visitors become members or eventually buyers. Having unique content is very important, however, not all online marketers have enough time on article writing which is why they decide to outsource.

Are you unsure if you are really cut out for article writing? You don’t need to be an English or Journalism graduate to start making money out of writing. If you are interested enough and willing to learn the craft of writing, then you can be an online writer.

The same goes in Fiverr. You don’t necessarily have a long portfolio in writing, but experience will definitely be a factor especially when you are trying to meet deadlines.

There are a lot of websites where you can find online article writers, like in Fiverr.com. Fiverr is one of the most popular websites where buyers can find different kinds of services or products for only $5. Sellers on the other hand can sell easy to accomplish articles five bucks. Fiverr would take $1, and the rest goes to the seller.

How can an internet writer benefit from it?

If you can write 350 to 400 in 30 minutes or less, then you may have struck a goldmine. Imagine writing an article worth $5 for half an hour. In four hours you have written 8 articles and earned $40 dollars. In a five-day work week, you can earn as much as $200. This money is definitely not something that you can laugh at.

However, there are other writers in Fiverr. What you need is to ensure that your profile and gig stands out. You can start with making sure that your title and description is properly tagged. Include keywords which are important to what you can offer. This is how buyers will be able to find your gig in the website.

Sometimes, Fiverr users have to come with different titles and descriptions to ensure that their gig is being noticed. This will also help you get an idea on what will best work for your target customers. There are some customers who are particular in finding writers who are adept in their niche. So it is best to include in the description what kinds of niche or topics you are best at.

Aside from writing articles, you can also offer other services which are related to yours. Like encoding, transcribing, and even editing articles. This will give you some variety of work.

Aside from informative articles, you can also offer fiction writing. There are some writers in Fiverr that will offer poem writing and even song writing. Some offers writing stories and letters for loved ones or for special occasions.

There are many aspects of online writing that you can explore especially from a creative site like Fiverr. This will be a great chance to expand and improve your writing skill while you earn.