Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate Marketing is basically commission sales. As an affiliate, you are paid a commission based on the sales you generate. You may also be paid for your referrals completing a specific action, like signing up for a newsletter.

Many companies like to use affiliate marketing because they do not incur any marketing expenses unless the desired results are achieved.

There are a multitude of benefits for being an affiliate:

No Production Costs
With an affiliate program, production costs are not an issue as the product has already been produced.

Little Capital Investment
All you will need is a computer with an internet connection and a website. Assuming you already have a computer, you can start your affiliate business for less than $20.

There are thousands of products and services that you can choose from. Browse through

You’ll probably find more affiliate programs to join than you could ever possibly promote, so choose wisely and prosper 🙂

No Merchant Account
This can be a time consuming and costly expense for anyone setting up a business for the first time. However, as an affiliate, the merchant you are selling the product for will bear all the sales costs. So you never have to worry about any potential charge backs, fraudulent purchases or losing your merchant account completely.

No Customer Service
You don’t have to worry about dealing with awkward or nasty customers and their complaints. This is the merchant’s responsibility.

Quick Change
If the first product you chose to market isn’t making money, you can just dump it. Remove any links to the product and then start promoting a different product.

If you work hard at affiliate marketing, you can earn a good income. Some top affiliates earn high 6 and 7 figure incomes.

If you are interested in using Affiliate Marketing as a model to make money as an online business, you can check out Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner.

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