How to Set Up an Online Business

Here is the recipe for setting up your online business:

  1. Choose a niche and specialize in it.
  2. Choose or create a product. You can either use affiliate products or create your own.
  3. Choose a good business name. It should be short, easy to remember and reflect what your business actually does. Your domain name is what your customers will remember you by. A good domain name is one that is memorable, short and easy to spell. I recommend registering your domain with
  4. Hosting. Always look for a secure and reliable hosting service. It is important that you examine the “uptime guarantee” that each service provider offers. Also, analyze the physical infrastructure of where your online business will be stored. But probably most important of all is that you should scrutinize the hosting providers “Back Up” and “Data Security” systems. This includes calculating how much time would be required to reinstall your online business if there was a complete infrastructure failure on the part of the hosting provider. This will help you to calculate the least possible loss to your business. I recommend
  5. Set up a professional looking website. You can get free website templates from or hire a web design company. You don’t need to be super technical to do this.
  6. Build a list of subscribers. This is important so you can follow up with visitors to your site. It is important that you keep the visitors updated as to what is happening with your site. This also enables you to contact them numerous times regarding your offers. I recommend
  7. Payments. If you are selling an affiliate product, this will not be an issue, as the affiliate program will handle the payments for you. However, if you are selling your own product, you will have to set up your own payment processing system. This can be done easily using a payment processor like:
  8. Delivery. If you’re selling tangible products, you’ll want to contact local courier companies, as well as the postal service and find out which will be more cost effective for shipping your products. Also, you will need to set up your shipping fee structure. It is important that you choose a shipping company who you know is reliable. Look for a company who offer an online tracking system.

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