Books can be sold like hotcakes on, the most popular online retailer owned by the multinational company Incorporated. But what’s more amazing is that practically anyone, whether you are a reseller, author, or publisher, can sell books.

Taking advantage of the continuous ramping sales record in online retailing, made selling books online a very easy job. With just simple steps, you can as well take advantage of’s pool of customers and, of course, earn lots of money.

To start selling on, the foremost thing you will need is to set up an Amazon Payments Account. This will aid you in processing your cash flows.

Getting an account involves only a few steps and minutes to complete:

1. Go to the website. On the upper most part, near the logo, click on the “Start here” link after the question: New Customer?

2. You will be directed to a page to sign in. Type in your email address and click on the first option: I am a new customer. After signing in, you may now type in your password. Then, click the link “create account.”

3. You will be taken to another page to register your account. You will have to complete filling in your account details, most specially the Payment information.

4. Add credit card or debit card and other billing information. will verify this account with your credit card company, and then will notify you after a couple of days.

5. After receiving a notification email from, you will need to select the type of shipping method you want to offer. After this, you are now ready to begin selling!

A notable benefit in selling books on is the hassle-free payment system. processes nearly everything from depositing your customer’s payment into your account to collecting shipping fee from them. But do not worry since the shipping fee will be part of the money deposited into your account. You must take note, though, that takes a commission in all your transactions.

After completing your account, you are now ready to post your books. You have to choose the title of the book you want to put up for sale from the available list of search results. Then, will ask you if you would like to sell this book, and then, click the button below the “Add to Shopping Cart” button.

An important thing to remember in selling your books on is to provide a price commensurate with the quality of the book you are putting up for sale. Say, used books are expected to be cheaper than the brand-new ones.

Also, you have to establish a good credibility on the marketplace. So give your customers a truthful and accurate description of the condition of the book. Identify books from being used or new, hardcover or softcover, and the likes.

Having learned all these simple lessons on selling books on marketplace, you will surely capitalize on the millions of bookworms buying on the marketplace.