ThemeShift is a relative newcomer that sells commercial themes inside the WordPress community and already it had created some positive ripples in the marketplace, releasing their themes under the GPL.

One bestselling point they have is right there in their terms and conditions. You will soon discover that ThemeShift imposes no restrictions in the use of their themes. On paper, you can use your purchased theme on as many pages as you like, either for personal or commercial purposes.

Moreover, there is unlimited access to the support forum granted only to customers who buy a ThemeShift theme package. (Visitors and users of the free themes have limited access.)


For a market newcomer, the themes at ThemeShift all have that professional, high quality you look for. They have taken great care not only in providing the many features to modify and customize the look of each theme, but also to make sure a good looking site comes out once the theme is launched.

After browsing in their showcase area, where customers can take them for customization, you would know the ease with which you can change the look of your site. Today, they already have over 7 pages of customer site listed.

Price – There are five pricing options provided to customers who purchase their themes. You have the choice of buying single themes or you can decide to buy some additional pieces at a discounted price.

For Singles, the price is 39 Euros ($59), the Basic costs 59 Euros ($86, with a 25% discount) and the Plus costing 79 euros ($115, with a 33% discount), and all three with the identical package of support access, unlimited usage and future updates.

The same package of support access, unlimited use, and future updates are given to the Pro ($145) and to Business (minus 40% discount) purchases.

All payments for the themes are done through PayPal. After payment, you can download the theme right away.

Support – A forum is the offered support for ThemeShift customers. They come in three major languages (English, Spanish and German) which is very good considering that they have a worldwide set of customers.

It might not please everyone that the specific support forums are hidden from ordinary public view. From a wary perspective, you would get the exact idea of how well or how good the support groups will work out for you.

This is understandable from the point of view of a commercial GPL designer-author. The forum site has plenty of values that should not be accessed by just about anyone, considering that it constitutes a big part of his business.

Inventory – ThemeShift has 13 themes available for the market, all highly customizable and can stand on their own in the market.

Each one carries the theme, layout and styling options. They also have the JQuery Image slider, custom menus and widgets, shortcodes and button codes.

Right now, ThemeShift have already developed a broad range of themes that cater to the high-profile sites companies want to have on their own. ThemeShift looks like it will go a long way in the theme marketplace.