Fiver is one of the new websites which are making waves in the micro-selling. For only $5, you will be able to purchase services and products. There is a variety of services offered in the website, it can benefit entrepreneurs and those who are looking for creative ideas.

Registration is free. All you need is an email address to register. Once you have registered, you can start scouting for services you would like to purchase. If you are a seller, then you can start creating your gig that you want to sell. As a seller, you need to have a PayPal account for payment.

There’s a wide array of products and services sold in Fiverr. There are gigs offering article writing, graphic designing, offering business or personal advices, activities like posting promotional posters and giving away flyers. Once you have sold a gig, Fiverr will be retaining $1 from the payment, the $4 goes to the seller.

Before Fiverr sellers will have to wait until their account reaches $40 before they can withdraw the money. But with the changes made on the terms, sellers can now make a withdrawal regardless of the amount, as long as the money has been cleared for 14 days.

Fiverr is definitely an easy website and a great opportunity to earn extra cash. The good news is that there are other similar sites to Fiverr which is also taking the internet by storm. Just like Fiverr, although the different is that services and products offered in the website costs $50. Payment transactions are also made through PayPal. As the name implies, services or gigs are at $20. This is owned by the same company that owns Another website that offer services or gigs for as low as $5. There are some gigs that cost $10 or $20. It will allow you to sell gigs for $5 or $10 for each piece. Very similar to Fiverr, but gigs are sold in euros. Gigs are not priced as five euros exactly and could vary based on the kind of gig. Payment is also made through PayPal.

Zeerk. Another similar site to Fiverr, but the money could be withdrawn immediately.

One of the major difference of Fiverr with these other websites it the payment. In Fiverr, sellers can only withdraw after 14 days. In some of the websites similar to Fiverr, you can withdraw the payments immediately.

There are different micro-job websites that you can explore to earn extra money. They have gained popularity because they offer affordable and short-term freelance projects. You can get web articles, graphic designs or videos without spending too much money.

You have to consider, though, if working for sites like Fiverr will bring the best out of you. You have to consider the small pay. If you think it is better for you to earn a few dollars by spending minimal time, then you can take advantage of micro-job sites like Fiverr.