Recently, internet marketers have been going crazy for the “offline niche” after several successful marketing products were released on the subject. They have every right to be going as crazy as they are over this fad, mainly because of the money that other internet marketers are making by going “offline!” Heck… Why slave away at your own website [for a potential return] when you can be getting paid big bucks to design and/or optimize someone else’s? That is the mentality of some, if not many IMers that are migrating offline, but it is not the only mindset.

Many internet marketers have built up an enormous amount of experience and skill in the art of search engine optimization (SEO), web design, article marketing, press release writing, social networking, etc. and they take their expertise offline in the form of a consultant or a legitimate marketing business. Some of these end up being multimillion dollar businesses with great reputations and have clients that are fortune 500 companies.

While others do it on a local level, by doing basic optimization (SEO) for offline businesses, web design, article marketing, etc. for several hundred to several thousand dollars per deal. This can be a great way to supplement your income as an internet marketer, by utilizing the skills and knowledge that you already possess and turning them into cash.

It really is a win-win situation for the marketer and the offline business, because having exposure on the internet can help a business significantly and for some businesses, even just getting one or two new clients (from the internet) can make a huge difference. And as a marketer, one can get paid what you deserve for your skills… Without having to freelance online for pennies.

In any case, you can see why so many internet marketers are getting into the offline niche and perhaps you see a reason or two why you yourself should jump on the bandwagon and get your offline business started!