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Whether you are a businessperson or home-based mother trying to clean her bookshelves, selling books on is surely a useful activity for you and your business. What are the reasons why you should sell your books on There are actually a lot. Let us name a few.

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Not only online shopping has become a trend in this advanced society, e-books are now in vogue. As told The New York Times in one of its reports, customers now buy more e-books than print books. said in the same report that since April, the company’s sale-record ratio for books sold via its Kindle e-reader and hardcover and paperback books is 105 to 100.’s chief executive Jeff Bezos said in the similar report that the company had high hopes in e-book overtaking the sale of print books, but they did not imagine to happen this soon.

Mr. Bezos is the founder of, which came online on 1995. The Time magazine named him the Person of the Year on 1999 as recognition of his success for making online shopping popular.

Mr. Bezos told The New York Times that the company has been selling print books for 15 years and Kindle books for less than four years.

However, this does not mean that books are still of not use. Several buyers still want books and you can sell them on the marketplace. Many people still want the portability that books have to offer.

In fact, a research firm Forrester Research said e-books comprises only 14 percent of the overall sales record of consumer fiction and nonfiction books. So hold on to your books and think about selling them on the marketplace.