In the internet age, categories have become highly important and are therefore a powerful tool for bloggers aside from being used merely for navigation. Also, it gives users more control in a dynamic kind of environment.

There are several blogs out there in the market these days and its one-size-fits-all approach to posting blogs has outshadowed the essence of categorized content. However, that stage is gone is category links have become a common sight in blogs these days. In fact, it has also been deemed as an important presentational strategy.

By providing a list of categories that your readers can choose from, then you can offer them several benefits. First, it enables them to have precise control over what they are going to see or read from your website. Second, it enables them to save their time from searching and focus right away on content that they want. And finally, it makes everything so much more organized and also very easy to search for specific topics or posts later on.

It would be advantageous to play with the qualities of basic human psychology. The use of WordPress categories do more than just accommodating the natural behavior of humans, but it can also be utilized as an important SEO strategy. A lot of WordPress bloggers even employ automated content management using categories. Thus, it helps to address two of the worst SEO mistakes that a website can commit – page bloat and dilution. The use of categories therefore makes your process of automating content management more effective and efficient.

However, it all boils down to how you use WordPress categories that will determine whether you can benefit from it or not. To recap, here are the benefits that it promises to offer:

  • It enables you to organize content based on a larger topic or scope of topics.
  • It enables you to link with interior pages on your blog with comprehensive archiving of posts under the same category.
  • It offers a more effective way of browsing through content within the same category, which a given user might find useful.

The bottom line is that categories act like a DNA for your website or blog. It serves as an organizational framework that contains all information on your blog in unique category structures to make each part much easier to find and browse through. The fact that using categories can improve the browsing and reading experience of your visitors while also boosting the search engine optimization performance of a given website is a testament to why it is deemed as one of the best optimization solution for a WordPress blog.

You can therefore break down the benefits of WordPress categories into three:

  1. categories help users in finding the content that they want,
  2. it boosts the SEO performance of your blog, and
  3. it provides maximum control for users in determining which post to read and also in conducting searches within the blog. You can therefore get started in using this SEO solution and see results in the shortest period of time.