WordPress offers a number of plug-ins for bloggers that will enable them to maximize SEO performance and generate lots of traffic. One of them is the Auto Link plugin feature. Why is this tool helpful for WordPress bloggers? And how can you maximize it to bring in more benefits to your blog?

What is Auto Link for WordPress?

First off, you need to know what an Auto Link in order to fully understand how you can take full advantage of it. This is a plugin that you must install onto your blog and will automatically display links on the content of your blog post. You can set it up via the Settings tab on the blog and choose the option for “SEO Smart Links”.

However, you can custonize the keywords and the links that would appear on them in order to maximize traffic from relevant target market. You must enter the keywords that you want to utilize for your blog and the posts along with the links that you wanted to be automatically generated once the post is published. Make sure to separate the keywords (especially if you are entering many) and then place the target URL for those keywords at the end. When you want to enter a new set of keywords and URL, make sure to start another line so as to avoid confusion.

Benefits of WordPress Auto Links Plugin

A lot of affiliate marketers and bloggers have utilized this particular plugin for the WordPress system. After all, it has enabled bloggers to monetize their blog with just a few clicks. However, this useful feature does not come for free since the current selling price for this plug in ranges between $2 to as much as $29. It will be worth the investment though given how you can maximize links to the URL that you have provided from your readers.

Indeed, this is a very useful tool for anyone involved in affiliate marketing because they can see the keyword that comes with a link in itself. There is no need to redirect your readers to another page wherein they need to click on the link that you are promoting. Instead, it is embedded into the actual post itself and therefore very convenient if users wanted to learn more about a given topic.

Another benefit to the Auto Links plugin for WordPress is that you can insert the affiliate link in literally any page in your blog. Plus, it is beneficial for novice bloggers and affiliate marketers because it does not involve complex coding jobs. You simply have to provide a list of keywords and the URL that you would like to generate in your post – that’s it!