Search Engines have become clever now than in older days. They no longer just look at the number of keywords (keyword density) to rank your web page up in their search result. To rank well, it is not just about rearranging the content paragraphs, or replacing words with synonyms. You need to understand how contents appears to the search engines in terms of it’s overall context. This process is partially based on the concept of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), whereby LSI is the process of information retrieval for LSA.

Content Mania is a software that help you in writing your articles achieving LSI effect.
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Note that Content Mania is not a content spinning software whereby you write one articles, setup some variables for the words and paragraphs. And out it go, by a click of a button, generate tens of even hundreds of articles based on the variables that you have set. This is a totally different type of software comparing to LSI software.

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