If you are feeling frustrated because your business isn’t seeing the kind of success you though it would by now, it may help to re-analyze your reasons for starting your business in the first place.

Part of being ready to start a new business or continue a fledgling on line business is to have a plan. But if you just jumped in after reading a few guides about “Making Money On line” and went running around from one project or sub-project to another, never seeming to get any of them completely done, you have to ask yourself NOW; will I ever do any better? Do you think you may do or be doing better by now if you had a plan.

You may have read hundreds of reports and purchased a hundred more internet marketing associated ebooks, applied some of the strategies defined, advertised your business in Adwords and produced several blogs for search engine sake, but so far there has been little or no profit, right? You have to be thinking, “I must be doing something wrong”, so you continue to hunting for the next big time, never before seen guru promise of millions overnight.

Well, to be honest, you are doing something wrong! But it’s not something you can attribute to lack of information or even bad information, it’s due to a missing link – your reasons for owning your own on line business with the benefits of those reasons inspiring you to construct a proper, well defined and goal oriented strategy.

1. Are you in the habit of creating a plan to accomplish your goals?

2. Do you think you have the self discipline to stick to a plan? If not do you think you would be willing to learn do discipline yourself to learn how to stick to your plan?

3. Can You Sacrifice Certain Wants and Needs to Succeed?

4. Are you willing to give up the time necessary from things you currently do in your life to succeed in your on line business?

This may mean giving up:

  • Some of your favorite T.V. shows
  • Foregoing some of your favorite hobbies
  • Foregoing other favorite activities – sports, charity work, etc.

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you need to step back and take a serious look at your reason(s) for wanting to own and run your own on line business. (Or any type of business for that matter.)

If you have not sat down and written out not just your reasons for running your own business, but the benefits of ending up with a SUCCESSFUL on line business then you have 2 choices.

1. Go outside. Find a wall. Brick would be nice but any hard surfaced wall will do just fine. Stand about 2 feet from the wall. Reach forward with both hands and lean into the wall. Now lean in closed enough so you can pound your head against that wall until you realize this exorcize is exactly what you are already doing by not knowing the reasons why you want to own and run your own on line business.

2. WRITE DOWN YOUR REASONS including the benefits of what each reason will bring you once you HAVE made your business a success. (I’m not providing a guide here. This is all on you. Take the Responsibility. Put as much time and effort into this exorcize as you need to. Let your imagination run a little wild. Be realistic but remember you are capable of doing far more than you think you can. So don’t hold back.)

So you’re back? How did you do? You should have a clearer picture now as to how to proceed to get your business headed back in the direction you want it to go and therefore less frustrated and re-energized about your business. Remember; professionals go these kinds of excorsises on a regular basis whether they are frustrated with the way business is going or not. Are you a professional?